Here’s to My Truth and My Reality

FINALLY! Here it is! Or more like, here I am! Blogging has been on my heart for so many years and I am finally giving in!

I originally wanted to do a video blog, but honestly, I don’t have, scratch that. I don’t want to put in the time to record and edit a video. So, writing seems to be a more practical amount of time that I would like to pour time into.


My purpose for wanting to blog is to bring life and ACTUAL reality to social media. I feel social media has become a false sense of a person’s reality. Many people post and share what they want to people to believe and perceive them in certain ways. I am completely guilty of this as well. I can’t count how many time I have posted a picture, meme, or quotes to prove how happy or full of life I am, when in actuality it was the exact opposite. I falsely proclaimed myself to the world because I wanted to be perceived as a zealous and worthy person. Which is why I have recently heavily slowed my interaction on all of my social media accounts. But I want to show that it’s OK to show exactly who you are and what you are going through to everyone.

Throughout my blogging I want to show myself as authentically as possible. I do not want people to question whether or not what I am posting to be real or pure. I plan to show the delights of my life, but I do want to share darkness of my life if I am called to do so.

I know that this blog or even myself is not for everyone. I honestly I have no intention for this to become popular or to reach anyone. This is for me, but it or myself becomes something meaning to another person then I will delight in it.

So I hope you enjoy me and my journey during this. Also, I hope your patient in me as I  figure out all of the proper grammar and structure to blogging. haha.

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