My Plan Isn’t “THE” Plan

I do not know about you, but I love to make and execute plans. It’s like making a dress. First you get an idea for a beautiful gown and you quickly sketch it. Then you create patterns out of paper, so you can logistically and holistically see your plan, to make sure it works. After you are assured that it will work, you begin to cut your patterns out of actual fabric and begin to stitch the patterns together. And eventually, you have this gorgeous dress.

But what if three-fourths of the way into sewing your dress every seam breaks apart, falling to the floor, and ruining parts of the fabric. You would be devastated. Defeated, even. Still, you try again to make it work by trying to stitch the patterns back together, but get the same result.

Danielle… What’s the point of this?

Well, this is currently how I am feeling about New York. My next steps for my move is to save “X” amount and find a place to live. I have saved enough and heavily looked at places online, even found a place I wanted to live. I decided to wait until my next paycheck to book it. When the time came, the place was gone. Someone had booked it for the same time. Great… “Well, there are other places. You still have three more months” I thought to myself, as I continue to try and book another arrangement. My next option was gone too. In this time I  received a $50 parking ticket and my car battery is dead. Now, I have to spend a portion of my New York Savings.

Everything I had stitched together is falling apart.

I can sit and sulk at the fabric the dismembered fabrics; OR I can restitch the fabrics, even the ruined ones, together in a different pattern. This could lead me to create a more beautiful dress.

Basically, I believe that the plan I originally had was not meant for me. That I had to experience these painful events to lead me to my destined place of living. I mean what if I booked my first place and the people, or the area, ended up to be awful and I experienced something more excruciating.

God, or whoever you believe or not believe in, has a plan for me. I, without a doubt, know that He has called me to New York. He would not try to harm this plan or me. So, when I get hurt I know I am not living God’s plan, but I am living my own. I need to trust in His plan and allow it to guide me.

In three months I will be in New York and I have no doubt that everything will work out better than I could ever imagine. The way it is supposed to be.

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