I Am Not Alone Because of You

As I’m preparing for my move to New York, I can not help but feel lonely during my planning. I mean, I am taking this huge move and step by myself.

But I will say, I have yet to feel alone as I plan.

I cannot believe how many people have connected me to people out there, who have given me resources there, even given me opportunities to make save more money. And most importantly giving me emotional support and positive vibes.

Most of my support has come out of no where.

It has been when I am at my lowest, and thinking this is not meant to be, that people who I have not been in contact with, or did not consider close to me, has come and given me the most amazing opportunities.

As I continue to receive such wonder encouragement, support, and opportunities I cannot help but believe this is all from God reiterating that this is what he has called me to do. Everything has come with such ease whether I see it right away or not.

Long story short, as I am running out of tangible words, this is an appreciation post to everyone that has filled my heart with such amazing love.

I know that I will have times of loneliness as I plan for New York, and when I finally move, but I will never be alone because God has and will continuously show his love and presence through all of you who have given to me, and from those to come.

Thank you so much for keeping my spirits high and allowing me to see my purpose.




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